Bolivia and Peru in October 2013


Visit Report. Peter Longstaff reporting on a trip in October 2013


BOLIVIA. FC Guaqui – La Paz tramcars. Guaqui, Bolivia, 18/10/13

BOLIVIA. FC Guaqui La Paz 2-8-0 9 at Guaqui, Bolivia 18/10/13

BOLIVIA. At Pulacayo is this 0-4-0T BLW 14301/1995 (once a 0-4-0ST?) No 1on the loco but is understood to be No. 4.
Photo: Peter Longstaff 16/10/2013.
The old locomotive depot contains five steam locomotives formerly belonging to the FC Guaqui - La Paz:
4 HUAYNA-POTOSI 2-6-0 Alco-Rogers 41215/1906 5  0-4-0ST Peckett 1086/1906
6 ILLIMANI               2-8-0 Alco 49685/1911 8 2-8-0 (Avonside 2085/1930?)
9 MURURATA          2-8-0 Hunslet 3348/1948

 In addition also present were 2-10-2 No 704 (Baldwin 64619/1942) ex FC Vilazon-Atocha No 10 together with two of the former FC Guaqui - La Paz tramcars, built by Brill of Philadelphia 1904-6, which ran on the electrified section of line from La Paz to El Alto. The latter require much work to restore them to a presentable condition.

Work is in hand to convert the former freight sheds at Guaqui into a museum. It is hoped that at least some of the locomotives will be put on display there.

BOLIVIA 4-6-0 No.12 Pulacayo, Bolivia 16/10/13

BOLIVIA 2-6-0 No. 5 Pulacayo, Bolivia 16/10/13

 Pulacayo. The old silver mine yard contains an assortment of old locomotives and rolling stock belonging to the mining company which also owned the connecting line to the main line at Uyuni. When the FC Antofagasta & Bolivia was converted to 3 ft. gauge the mine branch retained its 2ft. 6 in. gauge. With assistance from Walker & Binns' book 'Railways of Bolivia' the following locomotives were identified:

 4 (but carrying number plate of No.1) 0-4-0T Baldwin 14301/1895, partially restored and plinthed above mine entrance. 5? 2-6-0 rebuilt from FCAB No 165 Hawthorn 2947/1912
12 4-6-0 rebuilt from R.Stephenson 4-2-4-2T 2449 or 2450/1884
46 0-6-2ST Baldwin 10998/1890 - together with the adjacent coach, claimed to be the locomotive attacked by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  66 2-8-0 Rogers 5544/1900 ex FCAB ?  0-4-0T previously unidentified but thought to be possibly of European origin.

BOLIVIA. Pulacayo silver mine display haas thos 0-6-2ST (BLW 10998/1890). It and the carriage behind were claimed to be those attacked by Butch Cassidy.
Photo: Peter Longstaff 16/10/2013.

BOLIVIA. At Pulacayo the old silver mine has a display of rolling stock. No. 66, 2-8-0 Rogers 5544/1900 is believed to be ex FCAB.
Photo: Peter Longstaff 16/10/2013.

 La Paz. Compared with a visit eight years previously, when access was allowed, the station in La Paz was closed and locked up and showed signs of external vandalism. Previously a secured shed at the back of the site contained five electric locomotives and a diesel locomotive from the FC Guaqui - La Paz. The fate of these locomotives could not be ascertained but they may still be there


Visit Report. Peter Longstaff reporting on a trip in October 2013.

PERU 0-4-0T 237 SURCANITO (O&K /1923)
n Parque Amistad, Lima, Peru

(Henschel 20252/1923) in the Parque Amistad , Lima Peru

Lima. Parque Amistad, a children's entertainment park in southern Lima, contains a short loop of narrow gauge railway ( 2ft 6in?) on which run two 0-4-0T locomotives, originally coal fired, now converted to oil which are believed to originate from plantation lines north of Lima. These are No 811 MICAELA (Henschel No 20252/1923 ) and No 237 SURCANITO ( Orenstein & Koppel - no works number or year of build on works plate but a display in the station states year of build as 1923 ). Plinthed by the station is Ferrocarril Central 0-4-0WT No 20, (Beyer-Peacock 5680-81/1913 renumbered from 25 ).

PERU 2-8-0 No. 206 at San Bartolome 4/10/2013

PERU. The military museum in the Miraflores district of Lima has preserved there a 3 ft gauge 2-8-2 No. 5 with the name on the tender PRESIDENTE LEGUIA. Photo: Peter Longstaff 03/10/2013.

A military museum in Miraflores has plinthed a 3 ft. gauge 2-8-2 bearing the number and name 5 PRESIDENTE LEGUIA, which matches a Baldwin loco of the FC Huancayo - Huancavelica, but it has no works plate to confirm this identity.
San Bartolome. FC Central 2-8-0 No 206 (Renumbered from 46, Beyer Peacock 6830/1937) formerly at Chosica, was amongst a line of dumped and mostly damaged diesel locos.

Huancayo. The depot and workshop yard contains FC Huancayo - Huancavelica 2-8-0 No.107 ( Hunslet 1735/1936), superficially in reasonable condition. The yard also contains four dumped diesel locomotives and assorted railcar bodies and P. Way staff conveyances.  In the workshop was a brand new 3 ft. gauge diesel railcar, stated to have been constructed therein, intended for the development of tourist services on the Huancayo - Huancavelica line. Although the latter has been converted to standard gauge parts of the yard still retain dual gauge trackwork.

PERU 0-4-0T 237 SURCANITO (O&K /1923) in Parque Amistad, Lima, Peru.

PERU FCHH 107 at Huancayo Peru. 5/10/2013

Cuzco. A 2-8-2 carrying the number 123 is plinthed in a children's park on the road between the standard gauge station and the airport. R.D.Whetham, in his book Railways of Peru - Volume 2, states that this loco is FC Cuzco a Santa Ana No. 126 (Henschel 26444/1955) renumbered.

Juliaca. FC del Sur 2-8-0 No 252 (renumbered from 202, Beyer Peacock 7324/1950) remains on display in the station.