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Namiba, Botswana and Zimbawe September/October 2016


From the Webmaster
We spent 3 weeks touring these interesting countries.
Not a rail tour, but as we had our own guide some things of railway interest appeared.

Sunday 18th September 2016
Windhoek Museum
Sadly as our day here was on a Sunday the museum and station were closed up
These could be seen outside

Windhoek Station

Although the station was locked, this passing light engine could be glimpsed through the bars
It is on hire from South Africa

Wednesday 21st September 2016
KEETMANSHOOP - one of the few stations to have an occasional passenger train

Plinthed outside is 4 -8-0 SAR Class 7c 8011 - Henshel 10720/1912

In the yard the train loco was doing a little shunting before settling into the platform.

This is the 08.50 Wednesday train to Karasburg 216 KM distant
It also runs on Saturdays

468 - one of a batch of 45 Class 33-400 diesels
transfered from South African railways when Namibia became independent in 1990

The guard makes final adjustments

The line runs through barren country, parallel to the road for several kilometers

Friday 23rd September 2016
Station Hotel at Aus
The line runs westward through here to the old capital Luderitz. It is supposed to be reopened but we saw bulldozers in two locations battling to clear sand dunes from the line
At Luderitz there is an old coach on a turntable at the back of the station, otherwise no sign of life.
The "Desert Express" train to Luderitz from Windhoek becomes a bus at Aus.

The hotel has several photographs on its walls

Flying Scotsman has a Namibian following

Sunday 25th September
The Station at Swakopmund is now an hotel

We were invited inside to look around
The walls had many photographs

This book was intact and could be browsed but was firmly attached to the table

Tuesday 27 September 2016
Plinthed at Usakos was 2 foot guage 2-8-2 Class Hd/NG5 Hensschel

It was moved here from its original nearby plinth which was destroyed by a driverless motor truck

Saturday October 8th 2016
Z imbabwe (no railways sighted in Botswana)
Victoria Falls Station

The two stored 14A class Garratts purchased by Bushtracks had just arrived
They have numbers painted where the numberplate used to be - L809 (520), and L810 (523).

The Bushtracks Facebook page confirms that they are for restoration.

14A class 518 and its luxury coaches were towed in by diesel 1044

They were then stabled ready to work the Victoria Falls train
which runs Tuesdays and Fridays across the Victoria Falls Bridge.