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June 2010

Visit Report. Jon Burdett reporting.

Found Knin shed with a bit of rummaging about. It is at right angles to the station rather than at a lower level. The rail entrance goes off from the Split end of Knin station through a 90 degree bend to go into what appears to be a wagon works - now disused - and a new diesel depot building. I can't say for certain whether its on its own spur or parallel to the line that goes up to the Bosnian border, however it doesn't appear to have a running line right next to it.

7122 010 on Knin shed on 17/6/10 - ex SJ Y1 1364 - Photo Jon Burdett

The road entrance is from the south side of the site. To reach it turn right outside the railway station, then right over the railway bridge. At the next traffic lights take another right passing Lidl and some industrial buildings. After about half a mile a right turn leads over a small stream up towards some houses where you turn right alongside the depot building for the gatehouse on the right at the open end of the building. All told this would be a 25 minute walk from the station.

There is probably another way to get to it but this seemed to be the easiest.

2062 104 with 112 behind it on Knin depot on 17/6/10 - Photo Jon Burdett
Locos on shed were 2063 009/10/1/2 - all withdrawn. 2062 047/53/4 - all withdrawn. 2061 101 - withdrawn. 2062 038/101/10/1/2/4/9/20 - at least 101/10 and 11 were stored - 101 is on accommodation bogies. 2132 062, 7122 010/27 ex SJ DMU's. 2062 038 was receiving attention but I had already seen it active at Zadar earlier in the week.

At the station 11 061 is still plinthed while 2062 106 left on a freight, 2132 075 was station pilot with 7123 011/2 passing through on a Split train and DMU's 7122 013 working to Sibenik and 7122 023 covering a diagram to Zadar.

Otherwise I noted 2062 001 and 010 plus the above 038 at Zadar on different days - a search around the dock area here revealed a few wagons but no other traction units and 2062 014 was seen at Sibenik stabled on another day.