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2015 LCGB/IRS Joint Tour of Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia by Nigel Mundy and David Rollins

Once again the long-running series of Joint LCGB/IRS tours, planned primarily to hunt down and photograph surviving steam locomotives and, where possible, travel on steam operated lines again took its twenty participants to Eastern Europe. As in the past we apologise for the omission of the many accents which are encountered in the local languages.

Monday 24/8 Most of the group assembled at Praha Airport, where they met up with Jaroslav, Tomas and Peter the bus driver all of whom we had met on previous tours. Our first stop was at Celakovice station to collect the last two members of the group, then to Celakovice NTM Store where three locomotives are stored in a large shed with many other railway vehicles and where photograph,y was forbidden - also we were restricted to where we could go due to the condition of the structure, and were refused entry to any other building on the site, indeed we had to sign an indemnity to visit. Then to Turnov depot where the roundhouse contained 0-6-0T 310 0134 - three other locomotives were at the site, one dismantled. The first night was spent at the Hotel Valdstejn in Liberec.

CELAKOVICE - NTM Store - (Not open to public - NO photos!)
CKD/1594/31 OKD Ostrava A 303 202 0-6-0F st
CKD/3244/53 Dil A Zapotocky 327 203 0-6-0T st
Skoda/1719/47 CSD 498 014 K585 4-8-2 3c st

TURNOV - Depot - (14 road roundhouse)
BMMF/482/13 CSD 310 0134 LITOVEL 0-6-0T A
CKD/2411/48 CSD 433 014 2-8-2T st
KrMu/6084/08 Cukr Melnik 200 003 0-4-0T o/h
Skoda/362/26 Cukr Dobrovice 310 901 0-6-0WT dsm

Tuesday 25/8 dawned wet ,but cleared a bit later. Adolf, an 0-6-0WT is plinthed at Liberec depot from where we had a diesel railcar special - M240 0056 - shunting first into the main station before setting off for Tanvald. Here we changed train and had diesel rack loco T426 001 - again from the depot, to Korenov over what is a part rack line. Then back from Korenov to the intermediate Desna station.from where we had to use our bus to Harrachov as this part of the line was under repair. Regular service DMUs were used from Harrachov to Szklarska Poreba Gorna and return so entering and exiting Poland in a very short space of time! At the pleasantly located Hotel Mart in Korenov, we had to make our own beds and find the towels where the minibar would usually be - this was probably apt as they were mini towels anyway! - and no soap, unless this was also hidden. Rather a disappointing day - 310 0134 should have worked from Liberec, but was prevented from getting there by engineering work!
LIBEREC - CD Depot, outside Station
KrMu/1004/1882 Cukr Uzice ADOLF 0-6-0T Pl

Wednesday 26/8 The first Polish steam locomotive was noted at Jeleina Gora, TKt48 58 2-8-2T before we headed for the large collection at Jaworzyna. where we found 39 steam locomotives. Next, an extra visit to the small roundhouse at Dzierzoniow where a new museum is being set up - so far Ty45 6, TKt 48 72 and Ol49s 9 and 61 with more expected. The Wroclaw depot plinth, Pt47 20, is well away from the main shed area and it was decided that as the bus had to be turned we would drive past the shed and hopefully spot an English-built electric in a form of British livery. Two of the group leaders went to enquire about it but found it was out working - however we were invited to look round this quite large depot. Quite unexpectedly 0-6-0T 05353 (Chrz 3121/53) with some heritage vehicles was noted, but no sooner had interest been shown than one of the staff objected and, after arguing with our guide, claiming we had no right to be in the depot, ordered us to leave, threatening to call the police - back to the good old days in Poland! (It was later established that this was en route to Gdansk to provide a steam presence at the opening celebrations of a new line to Gdynia on 30/8.) At the now closed Swiebodzki station stood Ty2 22 and then, before going to the hotel, we visited the memorial to the Jews, 'The Train to Heaven' - locomotive Ty2 1035 (ex DRG 52 3914), at approx 80deg pointing to the sky - they had used two large RSJ's embedded in concrete to mount the locomotive at such an angle - awe inspiring! Overnight at the Hotel Vega in Wroclaw.
Ceg/1575/51 Tkt48 58 2-8-2T Pl

JAWORZYNA SLASKA - Muzeum Przemyslu i Kolejnictwa na Slasku
ALCo/70787/43 (Tr203 296) USATC 2438 2-8-0 disp yd
BMAG/10253/35 6 0-4-0F shed on wgn 1000
BMAG/11518/40 Ty5 16 DRG 50 1029 2-10-0 disp yd
BMAG/12167/42 Ty2 38 DRG 52 162 2-10-0 st/yd
Bor/9527/16 Oki2 27 DRG 74 1234 2-6-0T disp
Ceg/1110/47 Ty43 23 2-10-0 st/yd
Ceg/1544/51 Tkt48 18 2-8-2T A
Ceg/2432/56 PMP Ty51 140 2-10-0 st/yd
Chrz/339/29 Ok22 23 DRG 38 4530 4-6-0 st/shed
Chrz/715/38 Pt31 73 DRG 19 145 (as Pt31 49) 2-8-2 st/shed
Chrz/1506/45 Ty42 1 DRG 52 4374 2-10-0 st/yd
Chrz/1598/46 Ty45 20 2-10-0 disp
Chrz/1878/48 Pt47 28 2-8-2 st/yd
Chrz/2078/49 Pt47 78 2-8-2 st/yd
Chrz/2926/51 Tkt48 67 2-8-2T disp
Chrz/3175/53 Ol49 64 2-6-2 st/yd
Chrz/3205/54 Ol49 93 2-6-2 st/yd
Chrz/4463/55 Tkt48 100 2-8-2T st/yd
Chrz/4596/56 TKbb 14812 0-4-0F st/shed
Chrz/4763/56 Tkt48 173 SW Barbara 2-8-2T st/yd
Chrz/4776/56 Tkt48 186 2-8-2T st/yd “Thomas blue” livery
Chrz/6041/62 TKp 5 0-8-0T st yd
Flor/16781/43 Ty2 821 DRG 52 7328 2-10-0 st
Hen/7409/06 Tp2 34 DRG 55 860 ii 0-8-0 st/shed
Hen/18371/21 Ok1 325 DRG 38 3267 4-6-0 disp
Hen/26868/43 Ty2 81 DRG 52 2112 2-10-0 st/yd
Hen/26883/43 Ty2 223 DRG 52 2127 2-10-0 st/yd no tdr
Hen/26931/42 Ty2 18 DRG 52 013 2-10-0 st/yd
Hen/27688/43 Ty2 305 DRG 52 2520 2-10-0 st/yd
Hen/27962/44 Ty2 930 DRG 52 2730 2-10-0 st
Hen/28358/44 Ty2 949 DRG 52 2794 2-10-0 st/yd
Hohz/1593/03 Tki3 26 DRG 91 449 2-6-0T disp yd
Lima/8823/45 Tr201 51 USATC 5164 2-8-0 st/yd
MBA/13332/41 Tr7 3 DRG 56 4103 2-8-0 disp
MBA/14372/44 Ty2 1169 DRG 52 7785 2-10-0 disp
Union/534/1890 Tkh2 12 Breslau 1836 0-6-0T st/shed
Union/2820/28 Okl2 6 DRG 64 061 2-6-2T disp shed
VF/5448/46 Tr202 28 UNRRA 1D 92 2-8-0 st/yd
Wars/355/33 Ty23 145 DRG 58 2729 2-10-0 disp

DZIERZONIOW - Parowozownia - former PKP depot
Ceg/1663/52 TKt48 72 2-8-2T st
Chrz/1584/46 Ty45 6 2-10-0 st
Chrz/2611/52 Ol49 9 2-6-2 st
Chrz/3172/53 Ol49 61 2-6-2 st

WROCLAW - Glowny Depot
Chrz/1870/48 (Pt47 20 As “Pt47 94”) 2-8-2 Pl
Chrz/3121/53 TKh 05353 0-6-0T A -en route Gdansk

WROCLAW - Swiebodzki old PKP stn
Hen/26943/42 (Ty2 22 DRG 52 025) 2-10-0 Pl

WROCLAW – Strezgomski Square - 'The Train to Heaven'
MBA/14168/44 Ty2 1035 DRG 52 3914 2-10-0 Pl

Thursday 27/8 What was to be short diversion to visit the standard gauge terminal station at Trezbnica turned out to be a bit longer than planned. Once a connecting station with the 760mm system to Zmigrod and Sulmierzyce, a plinthed diesel, Lys 225, one of those that had replaced the Px 48s several years ago, was found on what had been the original 760mm trackbed.
The next visit to Krosnice was a surprise: why did we need 2hrs 45mins to photograph 3 locos on plinths? On arrival we saw smoke! Yes Px48 1907 was in steam. The track here is a figure of 8 with triangles to conect in the center and we had various rides covering most of the track and several runpasts until the temperature got to 25deg and a beer was called for! The other two locomotives here were plinthed - 0-6-0WTs. A few Kms down the road, on the way to Leszno, we came across another site at the side of road which had a diesel railcar and small diesel locomotive all on a short piece of track at a station callled Milicz Zamek. It also had a large fish tank advertising a local supplier! At Leszno depot there were six Ol49s together with two 2-10-0's, whilst at Smigiel Px48 1765 was still where it had been parked up some years ago.
And so to Wolsztyn. Here we found Ty51 223, Ty5 10, Pt47 106 and Ty43s 92 and 123 nicely positioned in what was once the goods yard, these were duly photographed along with some in the shed yard opposite. Last call of the day was at Powodowo where we first drove down a dirt track and parked a short distance on alongside the local rubbish tip, then setting off on foot through the trees only to have to turn back and retrace our tracks. We ended up walking along the line from the level crossing into the cement works to find Ty2s 406 and 1398, Ty42 148, Ty45 379 and TKt48 147 as expected, before returning for the night at Wolsztyn's Hotel Kaukaska.
KROSNICE - Krosnicka Kolejwaskotorowa
Chrz/1982/49 Cukrownia Lesmierz nr 13 (St 23248) 0-6-0T Pl 750
Chrz/3816/58 Ty 1139 0-6-0T Pl 600
Chrz/4509/55 Px48 1907 0-8-0 A 750

MBA/14329/44 Ty2 1086 DRG 52 5123 2-10-0 x SB
Chrz/2625/52 Ol49 23 2-6-2 st
Chrz/3170/53 Ol49 59 2-6-2 o/h
Chrz/3171/53 Ol49 60 2-6-2 st
Chrz/3192/53 Ol49 81 2-6-2 st
Chrz/3180/53 Ol49 69 carries 99 2-6-2 st (99 is running as 69!)
Chrz/4073/54 Ol49 111 2-6-2 dsm
Schic/4448/44 Ty3 2 DRG 42 1427 x Ty43 126 2-10-0 pvd

Chrz/3050/52 Px48 1765 0-8-0 st 750

Ceg/1388/49 Ty45 379 2-10-0 st
Chrz/1647/46 Ty42 148 DRG 52 4051 2-10-0 st
Chrz/4737/56 Tkt48 147 2-8-2T st
Jung/11297/44 Ty2 1398 DRG 52 3286 as Ty2 1399 2-10-0 st
MBA/13821/43 ? Ty2 406 DRG 52 4770 2-10-0 st

Friday 28/8 A later start today, and the weather had turned against us, overcast and rain. At Wolsztyn Ol49 69 was poking out of the shed in steam and we had time to visit all of the remaining locomotives, which were all outside due to some reconstruction work on the shed roof. Near the station Ol49 60 and Pt47 112 were stored. Ol 49 69 duly emerged from the shed on to the turntable to turn, then attached to a 3 coach train before the crew started their preparation. One coach was a sleeper, so after some complicated shunting this was detached and a two coach train of restored main line stock awaited us in the station shortly before our 11.00 departure. We left on time for Nowawies Mochy a 23 min run on the line towards Leszno where, after running round, we headed back to Wolsztyn. Again some shunting and running round was involved for the 12.30 departure to Rakoniewice on the Poznan line for another 23 min run. Returning to Wolsztyn again required some shunting, but this time also to detach the trailing coach due to defective brakes. This time we left for Stefanowo on the Zbasynek line, yet another 23 min run but, not before some problems trying to accommodate intending passengers from the other carriage into the one we were in! Some were refused and left the station!
After these three trips we boarded the bus and headed for Poznan, first for a negotiated visit to photograph Px48 1760 in the Instytutu Pojazdow Szynowych Car Park and then to the Maltanka Park Railway where 0-8-0T Tx26 423 was plinthed.. Diesel ZNTK 100/56 was in use but, having located the shed, it was agreed that the diesel loco would reside in it for the night, so most had a ride behind it on its last run round the lake and waited for the shed doors to be opened. Inside was 0-4-0T Borsig (Bor 11458/25) - not at present usable. The next two nights were spent at the Hotel Moderno in Poznan.
WOLSZTYN - PKP depot (D = displayed opp shed)
BMAG/6388/17 Ok1 359 DRG 38 2155 4-6-0 st
Bor/8464/12 Tkbb 64 0-4-0F st
Ceg/1273/48 Ty43 92 2-10-0 D
Ceg/1304/49 Pt47 106 2-8-2 D
Ceg/1310/49 Pt47 112 2-8-2 st nr stn
Ceg/1354/49 Ty43 123 2-10-0 D
Ceg/2532/57 Ty51 223 2-10-0 D
Chrz/356/29 Ok22 31 DRG 38 4536 4-6-0 st
Chrz/663/37 PM36 2 DRG 18 602 4-6-2 st
Chrz/2609/51 Ol49 7 2-6-2 spares
Chrz/3183/54 Ol49 85 2-6-2 st nr stn
Chrz/3211/54 Ol49 99 running as Ol49 69 2-6-2 A
Chrz/4733/57 Tkt48 143 2-8-2T st
LH/1866/19 Ty1 76 DRG 58 1297 2-10-0 st
LH/2269/21 Ok1 322 DRG 38 3192 4-6-0 st
OK/8961/21 Tr5 65 2-8-0 st
Schic/3413/40 Ty5 10 DRG 50 451 2-10-0 D

POZNAN - Instytutu Pojazdow Szynowych Car Park
Chrz/2170/52 Px48 1760 0-8-0 Pl 750

POZNAN - Maltanka Park Railway, Poznan Model Railway Club
Bor/11458/25 2 BORSIG 0-4-0T+T A 600
Chrz/150/26 Tx26 423 (DRG 99 1589) 0-8-0T Pl 600

Saturday 29/8 Today, as our Czech driver had to have a day off duty, we had a smaller and less comfortable bus with a Polish driver. We headed to Wenecja where the open-air museum held the expected 17 narrow gauge locomotives. The two trains running were both diesel hauled, but we rode from Wenecja to Gasawa and back through to Znin with Lyd2-64 (U23A 24368/81). At Znin 0-6-0T Ty 3471 was in one shed and 0-8-0T Px38 305 in another - the locked roundhouse contained only diesels. The standard gauge line is closed and Knin station area, still fully signalled, lies overgrown and derelict. At Gniezno NG we also found the works and shed locked, but this time were unable to get access or wait until the return of the train, so headed back to Poznan where another 0-4-0WT - Bor 11453 was visible through the fence near a gate of the Cegielski works, but access was denied by the gateman - his suggestion that we should ask at the main gate was not followed up as time was short for the vintage tram tour. On the other side of the road, outside the main gate, was plinthed Ceg 943/24 - a sc PE, next to bus stop WILDA. The tram trip was advertised as around the old Poznan., but this was only partly true for besides doing some odd bits of the system we stopped at one tram depot where there were several trams on display on what appeared to be a sort of open day for families. The conductor informed us that it was planned to turn this depot into a museum. Next we stopped just inside another tram depot where there is a small relics museum and then ran round the back of the depot before continuing back to where we started.
WENECJA - PKP Museum for 600mm gauge rolling stock
Bor/8741/13 Tyb5 471 0-6-2TT disp 600
Bor/10323/18 2 (DFB 2092) 0-8-0T disp 600
Chrz/149/26 Tx26 422 (DRG 99 1588) 0-8-0T disp 600 s/b 173/26 pl.185
Chrz/344/29 Px27 775 0-8-0 disp 600
Chrz/763/39 Tx 10660 0-8-0T disp 600
Chrz/778/43 Tx6 502 0-8-0T disp 600
Chrz/1910/49 T49 114 0-4-0T disp 600
Hano/10205/23 Tx4 564 0-8-0T disp 600
Hen/13580/15 4 (DFB 485) 0-8-0T disp 600
Hen/15111/17 6 0-6-0TT disp 600
Hen/16103/18 Tx 1116 (DFB 2353) 0-8-0T disp 600
Hen/24115/39 (T2 71) 0-4-0T disp 600
LKM/16028/50 (T2) 8344 0-4-0TT disp 600
OK/531/00 (Tb) 531 0-4-2T disp 600
OK/5020/11 Tx2 355 0-8-0T disp 600
OK/12595/35 T1 009 0-4-0T disp 600
Tub/2179/35 (Tm135 13) 1 4-6-2 disp 600

ZNIN - Zninska Kolej Powiatowa
Chrz/727/38 Px38 805 (LEON) 0-8-0TT A 600
Chrz/3471/57 Ty 3471 (2 ANKE) ex PL051 0-6-0T A 600

POZNAN - former Cegielski plant, ul.28 Czerwca 1956r
Bor/11453/24 - 0-4-0WT Pl 600x620 pl.11458

Sunday 30/8 Happily back on the Czech bus, our first call was at Sroda where two Px48s slumbered in the shed, then on to Jarocin where Ol49 1 is plinthed at the station. A preservation group in the former PKP roundhouse had two TKt48s, a TKh , Pt47 and TKi3 with work taking place on three of these. At Pleszew Miasto Px48 1912 was nicely painted, although this appeared to cover up a lot of corrosion! In Ostrow there are 4 steam plinths - Ty45 94 at the shed entrance, Tki3 20 at the station, Las 3515 in the park and Las 3276 in a school - visible, but inaccesible. Continuing to Karsznice depot on the outskirts of Zdunska Wola a detour up a dirt road was dictated by the sighting of a Freightliner Class 66! The outdoor museum, containing 10 steam locos, a steam crane, steam snow plough and funicular car was reached but was surrounded by a security fence off and, of course, there were gates but they were locked! We eventually discovered that they would be opened for us at 18.00 so we then went to the other side of Zdunska Wola for Px48 1723. On return the gates were indeed unlocked and we had a worthwhile visit. Temperatures rose to 32deg this afternoon!
SRODA - PKP ng Depot
Chrz/2253/51 Px48 1756 0-8-0 u/r 750
Chrz/4508/55 Px48 1920 0-8-0 oou 750

JAROCIN - PKP stn nr sb
Chrz/2603/51 Ol49 1 2-6-2 Pl

JAROCIN – Pvn Group in former PKP Depot
Ceg/1282/48 Pt47 101 2-8-2 st
Ceg/1670/52 TKt48 77 2-8-2T u/res
Chrz/4775/57 TKt48 185 2-8-2T st
Chrz/5376/59 TKh 5376 0-6-0T u/res
Union/1652/08 TKi3 87 DRG 91 1041 2-6-0T u/res

PLESZEW - Miasto station
Chrz/3246/55 Px48 1912 0-8-0 Pl 750

OSTROW - PKP Cargo depot
Chrz/1638/47 Ty45 94 2-10-0 Pl

Union/2110/14 Tki3 120 DRG 91 1790 2-6-0T Pl

OSTROW – Park Miejskie, Ul Powstancow Wielkopolskich
Chrz/3515/58 ZPC Zduny 0-6-0T Pl 600

OSTROW - Kindergarten playground , Ul 3 Maja
Chrz/3276/53 17 CIUCHCIA 0-6-0WT 600

ALCo/75506/47 Ty246 22 2-10-0
Ceg/988/46 Ty45 39 2-10-0
Ceg/1253/48 Ty43 74 As “Ty43 1” 2-10-0
Chrz/1514/45 Ty42 9 DRG 52 4382 2-10-0
Chrz/1725/48 Tkb 10 0-4-0T
Chrz/2093/49 Pt47 93 2-8-2
Chrz/3190/53 Ol49 79 2-6-2
Chrz/4027/55 TKh 4027 As “TKh 4207” 0-6-0T
Chrz/6289/63 TKp 20 0-8-0T
HSP/1394/24 Tr21 53 DRG 56 4025 2-8-0

ZDUNSKA WOLA KARSNICE - Stn approach road
Chrz/2023/50 Px48 1723 0-8-0 Pl 750

Monday 31/8 First call today was at Praszka. Px48 1770 was difficult to photograph as it appeared to have been sand blasted and there was sheeting all around the surrounding fence, presumably to stop any sand being blown on to the public - luckily there were gaps in the sheeting - and there was a ladder on the bus which was put to good use! Then on to Czestochowa for TKt48 151 at the station, Ol49 20 at the depot and 0-4-0T 4 (Chrz 1715/47) at the steelworks loco depo. Time was lost here negotiating entry to the site. Tarnowskie Gory station had Tp1 18 1 displayed along with a diesel, whilst the mining museum had seven steam locomotives (plus a RR, SC, other steam exhibits and a 184mm Gauge miniature railway). Bytom GKW depot had a derelict 0-10-0T and stored 0-6-0T 27 whilst at Pyskowice Tp4 217 was plinthed outside the former Sandbahn depot. The rof of the former PKP roundhouse has largely collapsed and it is out of use, but 25 steam locomotives were in a locked compund, to which we were given access, although worthwhile photography was difficult. At Zabrze both planned museums were shut, but one loco was outside at Muzeum Gornictwa as was shiny Ty2 5680 outside the DB Schenker HQ, but no access could be arranged to the Skansen Krolowa Luiza, Mining Museum. Temperatures rose to 36% this afternoon! The night was spent at Hotel Sylwia, Gliwice.
PRASZKA - corner of ul Juliusza Slovackiego
Chrz/3055/52 Px48 1770 0-8-0 u/res 750

Chrz/4741/56 TKt48 151 2-8-2T Pl

Chrz/2622/52 Ol49 20 2-6-2 Pl

CZESTOWCHOWA - Huta (Steelworks loco depot)
Chrz/1715/47 35 (pl.4) 0-4-0T Pl 750

TARNOWSKIE GORY - Technical school opp stn
LH/260/04 Tp1 18 DRG 55 274 0-8-0 Pl

REPTY - Kopalnia Zabytkowa, Mining Museum Skansen
Bor/9690/17 17 (TKbb) 0-4-0F pvd
Chrz/1682/47 19 (11940) 0-4-0T pvd 785
Chrz/1937/49 27 (T49 116) 0-4-0T pvd 600 Hen/24847/40
Chrz/3258/53 25 Las 49 0-6-0T pvd 785
Hen/7589/06 15 (Tyb 1221) 0-6-2T pvd 750
KrLi/6322/10 13 (Tkh12 13 As “Tkh12 6322”) 0-6-0T pvd
Pod/426/30 ?401 24 (Px5 1614) 0-8-0T+T pvd 750

BYTOM Karb – Stowarzyszenie Gornoslaskich Kolei Waskotorowych
Chrz/1678/48 GKW 1895 (Tw47 2558) 0-10-0T dmp 785
Chrz/4255/55 KWK Bielszowice 27 0-6-0T st 785

PYSKOWICE - PMP Sandbahn depot
Bor/10125/18 Tp4 217 DRG 55 4765 0-8-0 Pl

PYSKOWICE - PKP depot museum - (## dmp in compound)
Bor/15347/43 TKp 15347 0-8-0T ##
Ceg/895/45 Ty42 44 DRG 52 4579 2-10-0 yd
Ceg/963/46 Ty43 1 2-10-0 yd
Ceg/1029/47 Ty45 125 2-10-0 shed
Ceg/1068/47 Ty45 158 2-10-0 yd
Ceg/1549/51 Tkt48 23 carries 29 2-8-2T yd
Ceg/1996/54 Ty51 17 2-10-0 yd
Chrz/1562/45 Ty42 85 DRG 52 3984 2-10-0 o/s
Chrz/1900/49 Pt47 50 2-8-2 shed
Chrz/2261/51 TKp 2261 0-8-0T ##
Chrz/2617/52 Ol49 15 2-6-2 ##
Chrz/2873/51 TKh 2873 0-6-0T yd dsm
Chrz/3202/54 Ol49 90 2-6-2 ##
Chrz/3399/57 Tkp 3399 (15132) 0-8-0T ##
Chrz/4409/55 Tkp 4409 0-8-0T ##
Chrz/4422/55 Tkp 4422 0-8-0T shed
Chrz/5161/58 Tkp 5161 0-8-0T yd fr+wh
Chrz/5380/59 Tkh 5380 0-6-0T yd
Chrz/5697/61 Tkh 5697 0-6-0T yd
Chrz/6046/61 Tkp 6046 0-8-0T ##
DWM/793/44 Ty2 1292 2-10-0 yd
Hen/27650/43 Ty2 1312 2-10-0 ##
Hen/27933/44 Ty2 927 DRG 52 2710 2-10-0 ##
KrMu/16584/43 PMP Ty2 3458 DRG 52 3458 2-10-0 ##

ZABRZE - Mining Museum,ul.3 Maja 19, Muzeum Gornictwa, Weglowego
Chrz/2915/51 3 0-6-0T 750

ZABRZE – DB Schenker HQ, ul Wolnosci 337
Schic/3958/43 PMP Ty2 5680 DRG 52 5680 2-10-0 Pl

Tuesday 1/9 The first visit today to Kotlarnia was spoilt by the number of cars parked in front of the locomotives (Ty51 138, Ty5 2560 and Ty2 2118) at the time of our visit. Next it was on to Rudy where we had been expected to arrive much later and, whilst the loco had been lit up, it was not yet in steam. We kicked our heels examining the many diesel wrecks and 0-10-0 Pw53, 0-10-0T,and a large stationary engine from 1906, a couple of dismantled smaller ones and the boiler from Tw9 8 - its tanks were also discovered, but no frames or wheels. At last the loco, Las49 3343 was in steam for us, a driver appeared and eventually we managed a short run on a section of line that was open from Rudy to Paproc and return, still managing to depart on time for Chrzanow for 0-4-0WT and Ty42 plinths before heading off to the large collection (39 steam) at Chabowka. The collection here is well spread out and no staff appeared except some working the the repair shed where there were 3 steam. They strongly objected to us entering the building but, through the windows, we made out Ol12 7 and Ty2 911 and - by process of elimination - Pt47 65 from Wolsztyn. 0-6-0T TKh100 5 (Hen 1949/1885) was not seen but, by a further process of elimination, is thought to have been the partly cut-up frames at the far end of the site. Temperatures again rose to 36deg this afternoon! Our last night in Poland was spent at the Hotel Skalny Dworek in Nowy Targ.
KOTLARNIA - PMP Sandbahn depot and offices - displayed
Hen/26874/43 PMP Ty2 2118 DRG 52 2118 2-10-0 disp
Chrz/2560/50 PMP Ty45 2560 PMP Ty45 115 2-10-0 disp
Ceg/2430/56 PMP Ty51 138 2-10-0 disp

RUDY RACIBORSKI - NG Museum being set up in old PKP Depot, Ul School 1
Chrz/2647/54 Tw53 2566 0-10-0T st 785
Chrz/3343/54 7 (1734) blr Torun 1655/53 0-6-0T A 785
Chrz/3996/54 Pw53 02 ex TW53 13956 0-10-0 pvd 785
Rys Tkb 27 0-4-0T dsm 785

CHRZARNOW - ul. Broniewskiego/ul. J Kusocinskiego o/s Dom Kultury
Chrz/1713/46 (10) 1713 0-4-0T Pl 750

CHRZARNOW - outside former FABLOK Works (CLOSED early 2014)
Chrz/1602/46 Ty42 118 (52 4004) 2-10-0 Pl water tr.

CHABOWKA - Skansen at PKP depot
BMAG/915/1878 TKb1 1479 (blr no) 0-4-0WT st
BMAG/5789/16 TKw2 114 DRG 94 729 0-10-0T Pl
BMAG/6808/19 DFB 2665 DRG 99 1611 0-10-0T Pl 600
BMAG/12205/42 Ty2 50 DRG 52 200 2-10-0 st
Ceg/139/29 Ty23 104 DRG 58 2563 2-10-0 st
Ceg/270/32 OKl27 41 DRG 75 1278 2-6-2T Pl
Ceg/306/34 OKz32 2 DRG 95 303 2-10-2T A
Ceg/347/38 Ty37 17 DRG 58 2909 2-10-0 st
DWM/812/44 Ty2 911 DRG 52 1346 2-10-0 A
Ceg/938/46 Ty42 107 2-10-0 A
Ceg/994/46 Ty43 9 2-10-0 st
Ceg/1402/50 Pt47 152 2-8-2 Pl
Ceg/2429/56 Ty51 137 2-10-0 st
Ceg/2474/56 Ty51 182 2-10-0 st
Chrz/179/28 Tx26 427 DRG 99 1575 0-8-0T Pl 600
Chrz/721/38 Pt31 76 DRG 19 147 2-8-2 Pl
Chrz/1524/45 Ty42 19 DRG 52 4392 2-10-0 st
Chrz/2011/50 TKp 2011 0-8-0T Pl
Chrz/2546/50 Ty45 386 2-10-0 st
Chrz/2989/52 Ol49 44 2-6-2 Pl
Chrz/3214/54 Ol49 100 2-6-2 st
Chrz/3990/54 Tw53 2561 As “Tw53 2560” 0-10-0T Pl 785
Chrz/4781/57 TKt48 191 2-8-2T st
Chrz/4938/57 TKh1 191 0-6-0T Pl
Chrz/4975/56 1892 (Las 47) 0-4-0T Pl 750
Chrz/5695/61 TKh49 1 0-6-0T A
Flor/2696/21 Tr12 25 DRG 56 3522 2-8-0 st
Hen/1949/1885 TKh100 5 0-6-0T pt b/u ?
Hen/27284/44 Ty2 7 DRG 52 1956 2-10-0 dmp
Hen/27965/44 Ty2 1184 DRG 52 2733 2-10-0 st
Hen/28163/44 Ty2 953 DRG 52 2817 2-10-0 st
Hohz/3496/16 TKt1 63 DRG 93 108 2-8-2T Pl
LH/2196/21 Tp4 259 DRG 55 3347 0-8-0 st
OK/11688/28 TKh100 51 0-6-0T Pl
Schic/3286/35 TKt3 16 DRG 86 240 2-8-2T st
StEG/3849/12 Ol12 7 DRG 35 817 BBO 429 195 2-6-2 A
StEG/4422/20 Tw12 12 DRG 57 343 0-10-0 st
VF/5405/46 Tr202 19 UNRRA 1D 49 2-8-0 st
Chrz/2065/49 Pt47 65 2-8-2 u/r for Wolsztyn

Wednesday 2/9 Leaving Poland and crossing into Slovakia, we had only been in this country for a few minutes when the driver was stopped and fined for speeding! Our first call was at Poprad - for 477 013, then Tisovec where former Romanian 2-8-2RT 4296 (Flor 1787/080) worked our special train to Zbojska and return complete with the usual photo opportunities en route - this line originally had four rack locos, but all were withdrawn. Although we got to our intended Hotel Dumbier in Brezno reasonably early our bus was unable to access the Hotel as the entrance was too narrow with the result that we arrived through the back entrance and later found that they did not provide evening meals - probably the low-point of the tour so far as overnight accomodation was concerned!
CKD/3012/50 CSD 477 013 4-8-4T 3c A

TISOVEC – line to Zbojska
Flor/1787/08 4296 CFR 40 006 2-8-2RT 4c A

Thursday 3/9 Another day for riding, but there was first a visit to the derelict plinth at Podbrezova - 0-6-0T (CKD 3611/57). At Chvatimech, terminus of the narrow gauge Cierny Balog Forest Railway Museum Line, it transpired that 0-6-0WT CHLD 2 (Bp 1879/06) on passenger vehicles was to precede 0-8-0T PLD 2 (Bp 4280/16) on a rake of timber wagons so enabling participants to sample two for the price of one at run-pasts! En route we stopped to visit the workshops at Hronec where there were 4 locos, 2 under repair including 0-4-0T U25 001 (CKD 2985/51) from Nitra. At the junction station, Cierny Balog, we paused before setting off double-headed for Vydrovo - not quite to the end of the line - where an 0-6-0T (CKD 2610/48) is plinthed. After returning to Cierny Balog we covered the other branch to Dobroc, the locos topping and tailing us on the return. Spare at the shed in Cierny Balog were red 0-8-0T (Reg 604/85) and 0-6-0WT (Smosch 625/18). From here to Viglas, where 0-6-0T U175-48 (CKD 2607/48) is still plinthed with its typical forestry train, and on to Zvolen to visit the depot. We jumped the gun here as the depot staff had expected us to wait at the, now, unmanned entry gate. We managed to photograph the plinthed 0-6-0T 323 006 (CKD 3664/55) and do part of the depot before we met a member of staff who suggested that we head back to the gate where we had to sign an indemnity form before being conducted around the whole depot to view steam, diesel and electric motive power. Steam here were, in the yard, former SHL K748 - 556 029 - awaiting restoration and partly sheeted over, whilst inside were 4-6-2T 354 1178 under restoration and 0-8-0T 422 0108 having its tanks filled with water! As the shed visit took so long we were unable to get into the adjacent ZOS works for 0-8-0T 422 012, so it was a long distance shot through the fence for those who could manage it. The last call of the day was to the armoured train with its 2-8-2T in the park adjacent to Zvolen station. The last night was spent at the clean, but fairly basic, Penzion Q in Zvolen.
CKD/3012/50 CSD 477 013 4-8-4T 3c A

TISOVEC – line to Zbojska
Flor/1787/08 4296 CFR 40 006 2-8-2RT 4c A

Friday 4/9 saw the end of the tour and a long bus journey back to Praha, which some elected to avoid by going by rail. 07.50 from the hotel to Zvolen station to drop off four of the party, then on the Bratislava Airport to drop another off whilst two more elected to leave at Praha Hlavni Nadrazi station, the remainder continuing to the Airport for a long wait for the homeward flight.
The provision of packed lunches not only saved valuable time during the day, but the absence of pre-booked evening meals allowed a choice of time, venue and menu! All in all this was a well planned, not over strenuous, trip (bearing in mind the increasing age of the participants), which delivered the vast majority of what it set out to achieve. For this our thanks are extended not only to Fred Pugh, Adrian Palmer and Brian Garvin but also to Jaroslav, Tomas and our bus drivers, particularly Peter. Unfortunately Fred was unable to accompany us and we hope he is now fully restored to health. A sign of the times though was that out of the 244 steam locomotives noted, only six were in steam - three each in Poland and Slovakia - all of which we were able to sample for haulage. Apart from the odd light showers, the weather was kind to us, albeit rather on the warm side, and at no time inhibited our activities.


KrMu 1004 of 1882 ADOLF at Liberec on 25.8.15


OKi2 27 at Jaworzyna Slaska on 26.8.15.


BMAG 10253 of 1935 - 6 at Jaworzyna Slaska on 26.8.15


Ty1 76 at Wolsztyn on 28.8.15


Hen 16103 of 1918 - Tx 1116 at Wenecja Museum on 29.8.15

Tub 2179 of 1935 - (Tm135 13) 1 at Wenecja Museum on 29.8.15

Hen 7589 of 1906 at Repty Mining Museum on 31.8.15
Ty42 118 outside the former FABLOK Works at Chrzarnow on 1.9.15
BMAG 915 of 1878 - TKb1 1479 at Chabowka on 1.9.15

Bp 1879 of 1906 - CHLD 2 in the forest on the Cierny Balog Forest Railway on 3.9.15
TR23 145, Tr201 51 and Tr7 3 at Jaworzyna Slaska on 26.8.15
Ok1 325 at Jaworzyna Slaska on 26.8.15
Ok1 325 at Jaworzyna Slaska on 26.8.15
Ty51 223 at Wolsztyn on 27.8.15
Chrz 150 of 1926 - Tx26 423 plinthed in Poznan Maltanka Park on 28.8.15
COK 531 of 1900 - (Tb) 531 at Wenecja Museum on 29.8.15
Tub 2179 of 1935 - (Tm135 13) 1 at Wenecja Museum on 29.8.15
14 - Chrz 3343 of 1954 at Rudy on 1.9.15
OKl27 41 at Chabowka on 1.9.15
2-8-2RT 4296 at Tisovec on 2.9.15
Former Romanian 0-8-0T - Reg 604 of 1985 at Cierny Balog on 3.9.15.