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Paraguay May 2017


From the Webmaster
Part of a South American visit, not a railtour, but visiting railway museums.
Photographs by the Webmaster except where credited to Malcolm Barker


Asuncion Museum
Housed in the former station, the story of Paraguay's railways, now no longer operative, is well told in photographs, documents and a whole host of small exhibits.

The original platform houses one of the tiny original locomotives. There are somewhat derelict coaches and a locomotive on a site outside. Across the road a more recent preserved steam locomotive is the feature of a club, which also has a turntable manufactured by Ramsomes and Rapier of Ipswich in the UK. The curator had little English but with our limited Spanish and the help of our guide he gave us a conducted tour.
Asuncion Station - now the museum

'Sapucai' 4-2-2T Krupp 1861 in the museum
The loco which pulled the first train

From 103 2-6-0 (NBL 19146/1911)
The railway was nationalised in 1961

In the street outside the museum
No 228 4-6 0 (NBL 19214/1910)
Photo Malcolm Barker

The night club across the road from the museum
The loco is 226

226 4-6-0 (NBL 19212/1910),
In the night club across the road from the museum

The Ransomes & Rapier turntable in the nightclub

Sapucai (somtimes Sapucay)

Sapucai Workshop Museum
92km south of Asuncion
Set up with help from funds from Japan
The guide says they average 30 visitors per month

First view of Sapucai from the Asuncion road
No 5 is 2-6-2T (Hawthorn Leslie 2977/1914)

No 5 2-6-2T (Hawthorn Leslie 2977/1914)
from inside the works grounds (Photo Malcolm Barker)

The workshop machinery is still in place

The locos are still in place too, although some are outside
This is 53 2-6-0 (NBL 19136/1911),

No identity on this one (Photo Malcolm Barker)

No 152 2-6-0 (Yorkshire Engine 2514/1953)

No 152 2-6-0 (Yorkshire Engine 2514/1953)

No 152 2-6-0 (Yorkshire Engine 2514/1953)

No 2 2-6-2T (Hawthorn Leslie 2809/1910)

No 2 2-6-2T (Hawthorn Leslie 2809/1910)

151 'Encarnacion' 2-6-0 (Yorkshire Engine Co 2513/1953)

151 'Encarnacion' 2-6-0 (Yorkshire Engine Co 2513/1953)

No 83 2-6-0

No 83 2-6-0

No 83 2-6-0 Cabside (Photo Malcolm Barker)

Background to Paraguay

We arrived in Asuncion just after rioters had set fire to the Senate.
But the cause of the riot had been promptly dealt with and there were no rioters present.
There were about 100 police and two water cannon.
The police were friendly and allowed us full access and photography.
We stayed at the excellent Sheraton Hotel and our lunchtime restaurant La Cabrera was one of the best we have visited.
Asuncion has interesting buildings but sadly there is little of tourist interest elsewhere.