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Poland to Sri Lanka

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Alan James, Barry Chandler, Andy Blaylock and Dave Hodges reporting on preserved and otherwise surviving steam locomotives in Poland August 2010

0-8-0T TKp100-4 (Wolf 1149/1924) on display at Koscierzyna, 4/8/10 Metre gauge 2-8-2WT Txn8-3811 (Vulc 3849/1925) at Gryfice museum on 5/8/10. Pt47-14 smartly displayed in a bay platform at Stargard Szczecinski on 6/8/10. Sectioned former DRG 4-4-0 13 1247 (Prussian S6) stands outside the shed at Skierniewice, 7/8/10.
2-6-2T OKl27-10 plinthed inside the entrance to the PSMK depot at Skierniewice on 7/8/10. 750mm 0-4-0WT 10 (OK 7900/1921) in the shed yard at Rogów, 7/8/10 Oldest loco at Sochaczew museum, 0-4-0WT KrMü 1120/1882, with preserved rolling stock, 8/8/10. 0-6-0Ts displayed with trains at Sochaczew on 8/8/10: Chrz 152/1926, OK 8165/1916 and KrMü 2831/1893
Tw53-2565 with other 785mm stock at Sochaczew museum on 8/8/10 Former HFB 0-8-0T 1609 plinthed outside Technikum Nr.7 in Warszawa, 8/8/10 Last survivor of its class, 2-10-0 Ty246-22, slumbers among the weeds at Zduńska Wola Karsznice on 9/8/10 52 6340 stands as a memorial to the Jews of the Łódź ghetto at the former Radegast station on 9/8/10

Photos from Dave Hodges
0-4-0WT Bor 11453/1924 plinthed at the Cegielski works in Poznań, 10/8/10. 0-8-0T Tx26-423 plinthed at the main station of the Maltanka Park railway in Poznań on 10/8/10. 2-10-0 Ty1-76 (ex DRG 58) awaits restoration at Wolsztyn depot on 11/8/10.
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Visit Report. Keith Chambers reporting. July 2012.

Recently I travelled from London to Tashkent by train via Eurostar, Brussels and Cologne & had time while in Moscow to visit Podmoskovnaya Depot.

  While looking for the depot using directions from the internet I became totally lost. I did not have the benefit of a map so tried to ask the occupants of a Moscow police patrol car for directions. Fortunately I did have a print out of the page from the website that I had consulted which had a photo of the depot sign. The policewoman in the car was keen to practice her English so within a few minutes I was being driven to the depot, past security at the gate and right up to the back of the roundhouse.

This was Saturday 28/7/12 and there were two locos in steam quite possibly being prepared for special workings on the following day. In total there were nine steam locomotives present. Apart from the roundhouse there is a two road repair depot which was locked but visible through the windows inside were L-3653 and an un-numbered Er class stripped down to the bare metal.

Outside were L-2344 in steam and L-3958 dead. Outside the roundhouse in steam was Er774-38 while alongside was TE-3162. Inside the roundhouse were L-2057, Er797-41 and another stripped and unidentifiable E class 0-10-0. Finally a diesel was turned on the turntable during my visit.

The following day I began a journey from Moscow to Tashkent which takes almost four days. Steam locos seen on this journey were few and far between and only one seen in Russiia at Samara shed were Su 211-85 was plinthed;

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Howard Forster August 2009.
Sunday, 02/08/09. Bratislava Transport Museum. It was was hot this day with the temperature at 42 C (107F). In this neat little museum the railway exhibits were:310.0107,434.128,534.0471, Ind 3679, 0-6-0F and T678.016. Vychodne. Plinthed at the entrance was 310.442.8. Opposite, a ZSR museum has been established, with small exhibits in a building and rolling stock in the open.

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Summer 2012 Werner Reckert

Zaragoza AZAFT

The collection has changed to Casetas, the endpoint of the RENFE cercanias-trains. AZAFT has there a great shed with four tracks. During a visit, i take photos of the following locos:
RENFE 4026
„Escatron“, Jung  11468/ 1953,
„Aragon“ ,the Endesa Baldwin Loco,
RENFE 7702,
AZAFT also has a large collection of salon-dining- and sleeping cars, see
The place to find the rio tinto loco 61 is at Zaragoza Valle de Brote.

Arcos de Jalon
RENFE 141F2263 is also there, standing on the old turntable of the depot, the depot has gone and new houses were build on this place.

The Delicias Museum was a visit for me, fotos taken from
RENFE 020-0231,
241-4001 and
Coillet 580/1882, a little narrow-gauge loco.

  The  241F-2238 and 141F-2316 are now at Mora la Nova in Katalonia, see
Plinthed in a small condition at Leganes is 141F2104, the place is Universidad Carlos III.
Also plinthed 141F-2240 in Las Matas, Plaza Jose Prat.

Castilia La Mancha
Arcos de Jalon
RENFE 040-2082 was in a little museum opposite the station, 240F-2244 was in bad condition nearby.

  In Albacete is 141F2415 in a park at  the end of the station and nearby the new ADIF –depot.


  Elx: 141F2351 is plinthed near the busstation and RENFE station Elx –Parc. The street has the name Avda. del Ferrocarril.

  Locos nearby Valencia:
  141F2295 in a good condition by the Univ. Politécnica ETSI at Valencia, a little metergauge steamcrane too, dates: Nr. 2296; Crafton and Co engineers, Bedford, England.
141F 2202 as 2206 at Alzira and in a poor condition in front of the Vossloh workshop at Albuixech 141F2326, a electric loco 276-105 and a diesel 313… too, condition of all as wreck.


  Villanova y la Geltru  
020-0236 and a lot of other.

  At Lleida, in the ARMF – Workshop you can find
RENFE 120-0202,
020-0232 (ex Valencia),
SMF 240-2215,
SMMP 1 Couillet 1214/ 1898, loco was in parts to get a new boiler,
Marta SACM 3699/ 1884.

RENFE 030-0204, nearby the museum of the port, good condition for a plinthed loco.

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