1. All participants on Overseas Study Tours must be members of the LCGB

2. All bookings must be accompanied by the appropriate deposit and three FIRST CLASS stamped addressed envelopes (at least 9" by 4"). No deposit will be acknowledged unless an additional sae is provided.

3. It is deemed that a signed booking form means that the applicant accepts all Club Rules and conditions relating to Overseas Study Tours.

4. All bookings for Overseas Study Tours MUST be made on an Overseas Study Tours Booking Form.

5. The total cost of the tour MUST be paid before departure.

6. Overseas Study Tours are organised and led by members of the Club on a voluntary basis. Members participate in these tours entirely at their own risk. It is expected that members will wear clothing and footwear that befits the occasion when visiting depots or at photo stops etc. Under no circumstances shall the Club, its Officers, or the organisers/ leaders of tours, be liable for any accident or misfortune that may befall a participant.

7. No participants will be accepted for an Overseas Study Tour without adequate Travel/ Cancellation Insurance. Details of your insurance policy must be quoted on the booking form.

8. Any participant who has to cancel a booking will be charged all non-recoverable costs, plus a reasonable administration fee based on the following: 3 months before departure 50%; 2 months before departure 75%; 1 month before departure 100%.

9. The Club reserves the right to refuse any booking.

10. The Club cannot accept any responsibility or liability, should permission granted for visits and photography prior to departure, be withdrawn by the authorities at short notice.

11. The Club reserves the right to alter or amend the advertised programme as may be necessary, in order to meet changed circumstances.

12. All arrangements are made subject to any conditions imposed by Transport Authorities and /or Travel Agents.

13. The Club shall not be liable for any delay or alteration to the trains, motor vehicles, aeroplanes or other forms of conveyance, howsoever arising, or any additional expense incurred by the participants arising there from.

14. Members when abroad must have access to sufficient funds to cover any extra unforeseen costs. (e.g. Credit Card, Debit card etc).

Issue 1/2009