LCGB Privacy Policy

The LCGB will protect fully and secure your data. The LCGB will not disclose any information to a third party.

Your details are used if the LCGB needs to contact you for administrative matters.
The following is held by the Membership Secretary who is now also the Data Protection Officer.

Your name(s)
Membership number
Telephone number
Date of Birth
E-mail address (where provided)
Membership status
Method of payment
Date of joining / resignation.

The LCGB holds some of these details to verify your admission to the Club's AGM & Re-Unions. Your Postal address is used to send your Club Bulletin. The Membership Secretary provides your details to the Printer. Club Officers have access to the secure information for legitimate Club business only through the Data Protection Officer.

Articles submitted for publication in the Club Bulletin include only your name. Your e-mail or address is used only to contact you on Club matters.

The new Policy gives you right of access to the detail of the information held, to request correction of information and to request removal of some of the data.

May 2018

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