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The Locomotive Club of Great Britain was founded in Aylesbury in 1949 by the late Jack Turner. The aim is to foster a keen interest in railways in the UK and abroad. It has over 500 members with some from as far away as Australia. It currently has branches in Central London, North London (Wood Green), Dorking, Brighton, St Albans, Bedford and Newburgh (Parbold, near Wigan). A small donation is usually requested per attendee to cover meeting expenses. Topics range widely, sometimes with speakers who are specialists in their subject. The jewel in the crown of LCGB activities is the overseas tours programme which is planned by members for members only. Tours have been organised to as far afield as the USA, Mexico, Russia, China, India and Sri Lanka, to give only a few examples.

All members receive a copy of the professionally printed and distributed Club journal, the Bulletin, 10 times a year, in printed or electronic form. Member's contributions are welcomed. There is an Annual Club Reunion held on a Saturday at a venue in central London in mid-January. It  is a splendid day's entertainment and includes items of both UK and non-UK interest, such as a review of Club overseas study tours. It is free to Members: details of the 2024 Reunion can be seen here.

The Bulletin

The Bulletin is the Club's illustrated magazine, published ten times a year.

Apart from giving details of Club fixtures, and containing reports of Club Tours and other events, it gives regional, preservation and overseas news, and reviews of new railway books.

It also contains a range of interesting articles and excellent photographs by members. (The editor always welcomes contributions).

A sample issue can be seen here.






E-mail Group

The Club runs an e-mail group, LCGB@groups.io, for members only, to supplement (not replace) the Bulletin as a means of communication to and between members, in particular for situations where the Bulletin production cycle would take too long.

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 Club Library

One of the benefits of LCGB membership is access to a lending library of railway books. An extensive collection has been built up since 1965. which includes many items now rare on the second-hand market. It is housed on the ground floor of Keen House. a few minutes’ walk from King’s Cross station. The collection ranges from published albums of photographs to the classics of railway literature. and includes many of the titles reviewed in the Bulletin.For members living within range of London, the library is open before and during the interval of Central London Group meetings on the third Friday of each month. is available to Members only for browsing before Central London branch meetings from ca. 18:00 to 18:30, and at the interval. If you wish to borrow a book or books, speak to the Club Librarian. Robert Barker, who attends almost all Central London Group meetings and willidentify himself by wearing a tie. Members living outside London are welcome to contact Robert using his home address, printed inside the front cover of the Bulletin, enclosing a land line number or stamped addressed envelope to enable requirements to be confirmed. Books will be sent to members at the Club’s expense by Royal Mail shortly after the next Central London Group meeting. The member is asked to return books to the Librarian’s home address within two months of receipt.Use of the library is not available to non-members. Please include your LCGB membership number with an application to borrow books. A full list of books is available here. LCGB Library List

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