Overseas Study Tours

The LCGB is justifiably proud of its Overseas Study Tours, run by Members for Members, which over the years have taken members around the world, to all continents (except Antarctica - a tour will be organised once their first railway has opened!)

An Overseas Tours Reunion is held every year, in January, featuring a review of tours held in the past year, and a preview of those to be run in the coming year.

With the easing, and to a large extent lifting, of Covid restrictions, the Club is hoping to resume Overseas Study Tours: a number of future tours are being considered, and details will be added to the coming tours page as they become available.

For programme of future Club Tours, and details of the Overseas Reunion, see the menu on the left.

Bookings for tours must be on an overseas tour booking form and may be sent in at any time to the tour organiser whose name follows the tour details. During the course of the year various weekend events may become known and extra tours operated taking in the more interesting events. LCGB Tours are operated by LCGB solely for its members. Participation in LCGB tours entails compulsory LCGB Membership.